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From cutesy arranged marriages, a mafia monarchy to second chances with a rockstar. Oh, don't forget the bored self-proclaimed immortal god, too!Choose among the variety of reads both in English and Filipino.


Self-drawn and commissioned digitally/traditionally drawn visuals for all stories.

Wattpad Paid Stories

•Color Me Red (Vampire Romance)
•Royal Sinners (Mafia Romance)
•Holly Sinner (Mafia Romance)


Maglakbay sa mundo ng Kabila! Samahan si Chi at ibang napiling Mandirigma na pagtagumpayan ang pa-contest ni Bathala.Limang Mandirigma.
Dalawang mundo.
Isang malupit na adventure!
•Teen Fic, Adventure, Philippine Mythology
•225 pages / Cream Paper / 5 x 8
•Some pages are illustrated
•1 Odde Universe Citizenship bookmark (for first time buyers)


My books published under Bookware.


Greetings!The Odde Universe is a space Ellena Odde created to express her creative freedom through stories and art and to connect with her readers.Ellena Odde is simply Rickrolling through life. She writes stories about almost everything from mafiosos, and bored gods, to arrogant teens with trust issues. In almost a decade of her writing (mis)adventures, she authored several books and a few anthology collaborations.She also draws digitally and in watercolor, to complement her stories. She is currently part of the Paid Stories Program.All of her stories belong to the Odde Universe, and the beloved friends who read them are called Oddies. They worship fried chicken and Maria Bahaghari. Some say the Roșus are the hottest among her characters, and some argue the Orleonnes. A minority (just her, actually) claims it's Pierromencio Alpha. You can decide for yourself after you read them.


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